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Mortgage technology company FNC Inc. pioneered real estate collateral information technology. Its clients include the largest mortgage industry lenders and industry leading appraisal management companies.

About FNC

FNC delivers deep expertise in appraisal compliance, workflow best practices, and process efficiency to:

  • mortgage lenders
  • servicers
  • appraisal management companies
  • secondary & capital markets
  • property & casualty insurance companies

Most recently, the nation’s mortgage lenders turned to FNC platforms for help in complying with the Home Valuation Code of Conduct (HVCC), Dodd-Frank Act, and the GSEs’ Uniform Data Collateral Portal (UCDP) initiative.

With FNC solutions, lenders and industry participants:

  • Manage workflow – turning paper into data and images
  • Manage and report on service providers while maintaining appraiser independence
  • Reach a database of more than 80,000 FNC appraisers on AppraisalPort who are instantly accessible to provide valuation products
  • Efficiently and easily track, review, and archive valuation products
  • Receive a list of “red flag” alerts on potential issues in the appraisal report
  • Access tools to help determine a property’s value based on the most current data
  • Check for product and vendor compliance using automated review
  • Mitigate risk for loans and portfolios
  • Instantly access property data for residential properties nationwide
  • Utilize robust, state-of-the-art analytic tools supported by the most current property data available

Compliance and Workflow Platforms

FNC’s flagship product, the Collateral Management System® (CMS®) is a compliance and appraisal workflow platform that automates vendor management, valuation ordering, tracking, documentation, and review for lender compliance with government regulations.

By processing more than 450,000 appraisals per month, CMS has enabled the industry’s top mortgage lenders to realize compliance security, reduced costs, and more efficient risk management.

Combined with FNC’s collateral-focused data and analytics, FNC technology offers transparency into the property backing a loan from Origination and Servicing to Capital Markets—a solution unmatched in the industry.

Compliance, Risk, and Quality Control Solutions

FNC’s revolutionary Collateral DNA™ suite of analytic products puts easily accessible, comprehensive information at your fingertips, providing the crucial insight to identify current market trends and make educated decisions about property values.

With Collateral DNA, make informed next-step decisions on origination and delinquent loans or foreclosed properties while mitigating risk and identifying fraud on full portfolios.

Offering higher quality data

As you know, confidence in the loan-to-value ratio on every loan is critical. Whether you’re buying, selling, or re-securitizing a pool of distressed mortgages, Collateral DNA gives you the security you need, supporting your numbers with a national database of up-to-the-minute market-driven statistics.

Delivering collateral transparency

With thousands of U.S. origination appraisals passing through clients’ systems and being shared with the National Collateral Database™, your finger is firmly on the pulse of mortgage market conditions, foreclosure rates, and specific property information.

Start using FNC technology today and you can:

  • Streamline the entire loan collateral valuation process through platforms designed for both large lenders and for regional and community banks, credit unions, and appraisal management companies
  • Ensure compliance to not only federal financial institution requirements, but also government regulations
  • Enjoy faster turn times and increased efficiency in processing and production without adding staff
  • Access the nation’s most current and robust property-specific residential real estate database
  • Use online portals to securely exchange and preserve all lending documentation
  • Perform consistent, thorough appraisal reviews pre-and post-funding across all channels. FNC’s automated review tool, the Generally Accepted Appraisal Rules™ (GAAR®), is a review solution unmatched in the industry
  • Analyze market data, trends, and statistics through revolutionary data and analytic products

Two numbers make a loan: a credit score on the borrower and a collateral score on the property. FNC provides software that streamlines and automates the parts of the mortgage process that deal with collateral assessment.

Our software automates appraisal ordering, review, and receipt. It does the same for title, inspection, and other settlement services fulfillment. Improving these processes benefits our customers, who see reduced costs, increased productivity, and faster, more informed decision-making as a result.

For consumers, our technology speeds the loan origination process by allowing lenders to deliver a better customer experience.

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Learn more about FNC solutions. Contact:
Pat Brown
Senior Leader, Sales Operations
Direct: 662-236-8180
Email: patrickbrown@corelogic.com
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