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Appraisal Score
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A consistent, predictable benchmark for appraisal review: Identify appraisals that need further review, while helping to ensure regulatory compliance and risk mitigation.

Now with GAAR Viewer!

GAAR Viewer gives users an on-screen view of the appraisal report with any rule firings and related fields highlighted in red. Rule reference numbers and descriptions of potential violation are indicated at a glance.

Save Time & Money

Manually reviewing appraisals is costly, time consuming, and often unnecessary. Being able to instantly identify potentially weak or poorly supported appraisals, and focusing efforts only on those, can mean significant savings.

Expedite Review

Appraisal Score, an automated appraisal reviewing tool, gives you a scoring system that lets you quickly separate potentially weak appraisals and designate them for more intensive follow-up review. Then, during the review, use the Appraisal Score summary report to expedite the process. For lenders, that means cost-efficient turnaround and significant reduction in time wasted on unnecessary reviews.

Mitigate Risk

Appraisal Score’s unique features also help lenders adhere to regulatory compliance and mitigate risk. It establishes a standard quality level for capital markets and investors and provides a means to document a consistent, comprehensive review of all appraisal volume.

Additionally, the Appraisal Score can be archived as part of the loan file to serve as evidence of due diligence in a repurchase request.

How it Works

Appraisal Score measures how well each appraisal conforms to FNC’s Generally Accepted Appraisal Rules™ (GAAR®) and calculates a score from 0 to 1,000 (best). Those appraisals that clear a risk threshold chosen and pre-set by the lender can be automatically approved. Appraisals that score below the threshold are typically more likely to have valuation issues and may require a manual review.

Available through FNC’s Collateral Management System® or accessible through CollateralDNA.com, the Appraisal Score can be calculated for valuations completed on most standard appraisal forms.

Get the Score

Now, at a glance, you can have the appraisal details you need to expedite the review process while helping to ensure regulatory compliance and risk mitigation—it’s all here. Appraisal Score.

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FNC’s data and analytic products can be ordered through your FNC Collateral Management System® (CMS®), through an interface to your own loan processing system, or online at CollateralDNA.com

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