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As valuation service orders move through FNC® systems, they trigger an avalanche of operational and analytic information, offering incredible views of interlacing operational metrics and residential market behavior. Because this information has come to rest in our clients’ Collateral Management Systems®, FNC is in a unique position to compare and contrast the operations of a specific financial institution with that of its peers. FNC’s Mortgage Business Intelligence (MBI) delivers this exclusive perspective.

MBI is not inventing new information. The industry is full of production reports, depreciation measures, foreclosure and delinquency rates, and vendor performance metrics. Desks and computers across the nation are overflowing with piles of these printouts and spreadsheets. MBI tackles the accessibility, the interplay, and the juxtaposition of different types of information and those different business functions (Origination, Servicing, QA/QC, REO, etc.) that drive business decisions.

FNC’s MBI offers your company three powerful levels of intelligence: a first level of data reflects the operation and market activity unique to you, your portfolio, and your lending footprint; a second layer of data provides a view for the aggregated market as a whole (a ‘peer’ view); a third layer presents the contrast between your specific activity and the market at large.

Aggregated data about your institution and that of your peers is available at a national, state, county, and zip-code level from January 2008 to the present. This information is updated each night to include the previous business day and includes the following:

  • Operational data (appraisal volumes, vendor and department turn times, vendor fees, appraisal quality, and more)
  • Market data (property values, purchase prices, differences between valuations and purchase prices, loan amounts)
  • Filters based on service, provider, transaction, and sales types (distressed vs. non-distressed)
  • Tolerance filters, allowing specific queries as well as filtering functions
  • Map view that enables a drill down to underlying data tables
  • Data export options—print your screen to PDF or export data to Excel
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Realize the benefits of MBI today. Contact:
Pat Brown
Senior Leader, Sales Operations
Direct: 662-236-8180
Email: patrickbrown@corelogic.com
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