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FNC’s Collateral Management System® (CMS®) and powerful analytic products are supported by the National Collateral Database. By combining public record data and non-confidential appraisal data, FNC has built the NCD into the most robust collateral database in the world.

The FNC National Collateral Database has been built from data aggregated from many FNC clients – the nation’s major mortgage lenders -- who agreed to share their non-confidential appraisal data, so they will have access to the database. That appraisal data is blended with public record data from tax assessors and county recorders to create the most complete and timely data on residential properties available.

Why do lenders share their data? Because the NCD provides collateral transparency. You’ll know all the details available about subject properties and their neighborhoods at every stage of the loan cycle – not only about the properties in your own loan portfolio, but also about more than a hundred million other properties nationwide.

FNC’s analytic products let you tap into the National Collateral Database and use the information there to quickly access the most current and comprehensive property information available, build reports from that information, and make more informed valuation decisions.

At FNC, we’re serious about maintaining the nation’s most accurate, most current information source. Build your loan decision on solid facts with unrestricted access to the data you need—when you need it.

Contact FNC for more information about data sharing, the National Collateral Database, or the Collateral DNA™ suite of analytic products.

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For more information, contact:
Pat Brown
Senior Leader, Sales Operations
Direct: 662-236-8180
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